Barrero family expertise in wine for more than 50 years. Viriatus is made with carefully selected grapes from Toro, Zamora under Castilla Y Leon area. “Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla y León”.

This selection has emerged endorsed by an in-depth knowledge in production of wines, in order to provide the best quality/price ratio.


比利奧家族位於西班牙西北部的 Castilla Y Leon 卡斯提亞─萊昂區擁有超過50年精品釀酒經驗, 是近十年最受矚目的葡萄酒產區之一. 威達系列是以救國英雄命名, 嚴選自西班牙多羅(Toro)、薩莫拉(Zamora)等優質葡萄產區,高質素調配而成。


Pale straw color, Great freshness and acidity balanced with rich body and notes of citrus, minerality, melon, flowers 

and nuts. Match well with sushi, white asparagus, chorizo, calamari to the traditional roast suckling pig to develop deep aromas and flavors. 

The result is a climate that makes dry, fresh wines with real character and brightness.


呈淺綠黃色, 酒體飽滿, 酸度中等, 酒香氣馥鬱, 帶有野茴香風味,  口感豐富順滑、 餘味中帶有杏仁乾果的味道。

Viriatus White x 3